The client of this Brooklyn brownstone renovation is a family of four and all their stuff, including an amazing assortment of dog portraits, an eclectic library, and an intriguing collection of curios.  Along with this inspiring tapestry came a kitchen with appliances and cabinets strewn around the dining room in a haphazard fashion, and a ground floor circulation consisting of multiple dead ends.  The family wanted to rationalize their surroundings without compromising its vitality.  Every intervention aimed to examine, catalog, and appropriate items to an ordered interpretation of the family’s need, aesthetic, and comfort.  The existing pantry and lean-to back porch were reconfigured into a well organized kitchen with clearer relationships with the other rooms on the parlor floor. A gallery for the dog portraits was created from a back stair that was previously a dark dead end, which now leads into the kitchen. On the loft like top floor, sets of over sized sliding and swinging doors enable the two young sons to easily modify their sleep and play spaces.

Credits:  Ian Roll project architect while at Ryall Porter Sheridan Architects