The Vocational Training Council conducted a competition to design the new Hong Kong Design Institute with the goal of providing the necessary infrastructure and learning environment to deliver contemporary and flexible curriculum, with an interactive and multidisciplinary approach.  The new facility is intended to maximize opportunities for student development, facilitate industry participation and community involvement, and promote interactive exchange among local and overseas design talent.  This design entry was a phase 1 winner and phase 2 finalist.

The design of the HKDI campus is centered on open communication between the various disciplines and the immediate community, while creating a design icon.  Studios and departments are dispersed in plan and section encouraging overlap, random encounters, and cross-fertilization of ideas and attitudes across traditional boundaries.  Design is recognized as a dynamic social engagement that evolves inside and outside of the studio.  Generous spaces provide opportunities for congregation, conversation, studying, and contemplation.

Jury comments:
The design is successful in expressing an instantly recognizable symbol of the Institute. The architecture and landscape designs are sophisticated and professional. The design creates an exciting atmosphere in a spatial form. The renderings of the proposed design illustrate extremely habitable and workable teaching spaces, areas are highly usable and spacious, complemented by the L-shaped building, which clearly defines the places for mingling.

Credits:  Ian Roll project architect while at Ryall Porter Sheridan Architects