The Decatur Modern Design Challenge was created as a development opportunity to bring good modern design to the middle market consumer. This competition was for the design of a modern, single-family detatched home which can be efficiently reproduced with a panelized building sytem, respecting both a budget and a specified buildable area.  This design was 1 of 8 selected as winning entries.

Decatur Modern was designed to balance transparency and privacy.  With a small footprint it seemed best to try to develop this as directly as possible, so in one orientation all of the facades are transparent, and in the other they are solid.  When one enters the house they get a clear understanding of the elemental, yet sophisticated spaces.  Walls of glass surrounding the interior courtyard expand its visual size while encompassing a smaller thermally enclosed volume.  With large sliding glass doors the home can open itself up to the elements to allow breezes to permeate the spaces and passively cool the home.  The exterior palette is comprised of wood, cement panel, and corrugated metal – all easily panelized and installed.

Credits:  Ian Roll project architect while at Ryall Porter Sheridan Architects