About Ian

I am a designer with interdisciplinary experience focused on process, collaboration, and creativity.  My work ranges from designed and realized architecture projects of various types and scales, brand design and development, and visualization and content development for experiential and retail environments.  In all my work, I draw inspiration from multiple fields and utilize a broad set of design skills, allowing me to remain agile in creative problem solving.

2008 > present, He Looks Like Him, Cofounder  www.helookslikehim.com
He Looks Like Him is a multi-disciplinary collaborative created to foster different kinds of ideas and processes, allowing them to ferment, collide, and recombine in order to explore innovative possibilities across variable creative fields.

2002 > present, Ian Roll Design & Architecture
Design and execution of various design projects including competitions, a renovation, and brand development.

2004 > 2010, Ryall Porter Sheridan Architects, Project Manager and Designer  www.ryallporter.com
Design and execution of renovations, additions, new construction, and competitions.  Led office in selection, development, execution, and submission of competition designs.  Led development of marketing materials including website, portfolio and mail campaigns.

2002 > 2004, Ann Beha Architects, Project Designer  www.annbeha.com
Design and execution of renovations, additions, and new construction.  Created marketing
materials in response to RFI/RFQ’s.

2008 RISD Bayard Ewing Building Lecture Hall Design Competition – Winner*
2007 Decatur Modern Design Challenge: Residential Prefab – Finalist*
2006 The Hong Kong Design Institute – Phase 1 Winner, Phase 2 Finalist*
2005 NYC/EPA Green Building Competition: Median Income Housing – Honorable Mention*
2004 Future Housing Ideas Competition: A Wooded House – Second Place
*Ryall Porter Sheridan Architects

Designing for Design: Hong Kong Design Institute Competition.  Hinge Magazine, vol.142,
May 2007, pp. 63-65.*
Erwin, Deborah.  Elevating Design, Hong Kong Design Institute International Architectural Design Competition.  Hong Kong Design Institute, May 2007.*
Median Income Housing.  INMYX 01/07.  www.xymara.com/inmyx/index/inmyx107.htm.*
Livingston, Heather. A Dozen Interpret the “New Home on the Range.”  AIArchitect This Week.  June 14, 2004.  Volume 11.
Cheryl Weber, Cheryl. Range Finders. Residential Architect Magazine. Nov. / Dec. 2004.
*Ryall Porter Sheridan Architects

AIA 2004 National Convention and Design Expo. Chicago, June 10 – 12.  AIA/BSA Build Boston.  November 16 – 18.
Reinvention 2004: The Next American House. Los Angeles. December 6 – 8.
AIA Design DC Conference and Trade Show. Washington, DC. Convention Center from February 6-8, 2005.

2002 Master of Architecture – University of Oregon, Eugene, OR
2000 Denmark International Studies Program, Copenhagen Denmark
1997 Bachelor of Arts & Sciences, Biology – Washington University, St. Louis, MO
1997 Tropical Ecology Field Research, CEIBA Biological Station Guyana

2000 – 2002 Graduate Teaching Fellow – University of Oregon
2000 Graduate Teaching Assistant – University of Oregon
Instruction for undergraduate and graduate courses including sections for graduate level courses.  Lectured on topics ranging from design process and theory, media as a means of design, and mixed and non-traditional media.  Courses include:  Design Skills, Media for Design Development, Spatial Composition, and Introductory Architectural Design Studio.

1999 – 2002 Department of Architecture Lecture Series – University of Oregon
Designed promotional materials for Department of Architecture Lecture Series, organized and managed events and lecture calendar, and developed themes appropriate to each term’s curriculum.

Guest Critic
Boston Architectural Center – Architecture studio: Towards Elemental Tectonics,
Seeking Immediacy in Structure and Materials
Northeastern University – Architecture studio, Media Language